Omega Level

This summer, I was among my friends and our discussion ended up on Omega Level mutants (we’re talking X-Men here). Being the nerd and massive fan of X-Men that I am, we began to talk about who was omega level, and then, for me, I thought what would be more interesting was to talk about which mutants would be the next to reach omega level. (Let’s say a second mutation). Also, the problem with ‘omega’ classifications is that I feel that Marvel/X-Men writers need to update the list. The official list so far is tiny, when in fact, if you think about it, there are a handful of mutants that could be on the list.

So, I thought, why not compile a list and actually state why I think these characters would be potential omega level. Firstly, I’ll make a list; of those mutants officially classed as omega by Marvel/X-men. Of those who are alive (that I know of) and then, the second list are omega level, but death (that I know of. Obviously it’s Marvel so characters never truly stay dead so it’s more like…whereabouts unknown).

The last list, is my list. Also, this is strictly looking at super powers. I won’t really include their weaknesses (usually mental instabilities).

A disclaimer: I haven’t read X-Men comics for a while, I think the last time I understood what was happening was when Beast brought First Class into the future and I vaguely have an understanding what’s happening now but I dunno who is exactly dead/alive at this time. Really, my knowledge is backdated to Avengers vs. X-Men.


ICEMAN/Robert “Bobby” Drake. If you haven’t been up to date with the latest X-Men comics, then to refresh, Iceman went through a second mutation where he can now create multiple little snowmen versions of himself, animals, monsters, and so on. He can now animate snow as well as create it.

FRANKLIN RICHARDS.  Reed Richards’ kid Franklin can bend reality to his will.

KID OMEGA/Quentin Quire.  As of now, one of the most powerful telepaths around. Does he even need Cerebro?

X-MAN/Nathaniel Summers. “Nate Grey”. There are 3 versions of Nathaniel Summers (Stryfe is also considered omega but Cable isn’t, which is dumb).  If ever there was a mutant who could do anything and everything it would more than likely be Nate Grey. A combination of his mother’s clone and Scott Summers have given him some extraordinary and ridiculous superpowers.

HOPE SUMMERS. A baby born during the ‘no more mutants’ campaign (i.e., no mutant babies were being born) and therefore was considered a miracle baby. X-Men saved her from villains and gave the baby to Cable to take care of (in the future). Hence the last name. Anyways, the original idea behind the character of Summers (and a few handful of mutants at the time) was to create a new ‘First Class’. Hope’s powers are power mimicry, but far better and perfected that Mimic (remember that guy?).

ELIXIR/Josh Foley. Foley has the ability to heal people, also restore mutant powers (if need be), cleansing, and also killing people too. He can also regenerate himself, making it impossible for this guy to stay dead. It also means that it’s hard to treat him and if he ever exerts himself, then he just goes into a coma.

JEAN GREY. So, I was going to put her in the ‘dead’ category but because First Class is brought into the future in the current comics, I have to place her here. Let’s ignore The Phoenix for a second, her abilities are telepathy and telekinesis, and she’s the best of the best.

EXODUS/Bennet Du Paris. Despite being born in the 12th century and still living; let’s go down the check list of the powers he has. Number 1: Immortality. Okay, gathered…2, telepath, 3, telekinesis, 4, teleportation, 5, healing factor, 6, superhuman strength (I guess you could call it that)…

RACHEL SUMMERS. Like mother, like daughter, also to add: empathy and astral projection.

PSYLOCKE/Betsy Braddock. She’s also an extremely powerful telepath, along with telekinesis and precognition powers (that’s useful!) She can also make weapons from psychic energy. Cherry on top? Highly skilled martial artist.


LEGION/David Haller. Haller’s abilities are always difficult for me to explain. He has people/monsters/things living within his head. Each entity possess a power, which he needs to control them in order to use. Yeah, it’s a real struggle inside his head, and if not, an excellent metaphor for anyone suffering with mental illness.

STRYFE/Nathaniel Summers. As mentioned above…only Stryfe is the evil one.

MR.M/Absolon Zebardyn Mercator. To sum him up, he could do EVERYTHING. He was basically a Mary-Sue kind of character (in that he was God-like) and can do anything and everything. I’m kinda glad he’s dead, to be honest. This was a terrible Deus ex machina.

VULCAN/Gabriel Summers. The evil brother of Cyclops and Havok, well of course he’d be evil…I would say that Vulcan’s main powers come from energy. In that, he can absorb, control, or manipulate energy, and then use it. You can just about imagine what kind of power you’d have just to be able to do that. Remember, there is a variety of energy out there in the universe…and you can control, absorb, or manipulate all of it. Of course, as I type that out, I have this feeling that everyone would just mess around with people’s electronics/electricity, you know… if they’d have that kind of ability. I’m glad to know no one ever goes big.

PROTEUS/Kevin MacTaggart. …this one IS ENERGY. Go big or go home, right? He also has the ability to will reality, along with the ability to mentally/telepathically download information, including information from computers. His downfall seems to be metal. Yeah, really.

Also, does that mean Vulcan can control/absorb Proteus!? Please put this in a Mojoverse fight, thank you.

HYPERSTORM/Johnny Richards. No, not the Human Torch, but the son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers. YUP, TWO OMEGAS! This one is from an alternative universe and I guess shouldn’t really be counted, but I’ll include anyways. Like his father, he had the ability to warp reality and in this alternative reality, he had conquered the universe and was on to conquering other timelines (like you do). Whatever, who cares. It’s not 616 stuff. (Unless it becomes 616 shit…stay tuned.)

Okay, now let’s get to my pickings! Because this is clearly the part you wanna read. I won’t differentiate between those that are alive and dead because it’s Marvel and you know, these things change all the damn time.


Charles Xavier. This one kind of seems like a no brainer, considering he was the first one to gather mutants together and actually train them. He also helped Jean Grey deal with her powers which was a constant strain on her. Also, if you look throughout his history, you’ll see that he’s always managed to do amazing things with his telepathy and not for nothing, many of his contemporaries have considered him to be very powerful, including Mr. Sinister, who is always trying to get some powerful mutant DNA to make his super omega mutant babies.

MAGNETO/Magnus (Max Eisenhardt). Again, seems like a no brainer. Throughout Magneto’s long history he has also managed to do some amazing feats. He can control the magnetic field of the entire Earth and that should qualify on it’s own. I feel like people don’t really understand how amazing our planet Earth is because of the physics made possible on it…and why fucking anything up on Earth (it is that fragile) can destroy us.

STORM/Ororo Munroe. This goes along the same line as above. It frustrates me that writers cannot see that Storm has the potential to become omega because she can control weather. I mean, just look how much damage global warming is doing and that’s enough to go…”Actually, Storm can fuck some shit up!” She is a Goddess…literally! (I’d kill for some cool, rainy weather right now).

XORN. His head is a sun. He’s a literal star. What fucking more do you want me to say? Along with healing powers, teleportation, etc. He’s on his way to be omega.

Emma Frost. I think she’s up there with other powerful telepaths. Also, she’s controlling Xorn.

SCARLET WITCH/Wanda Maximoff. She has reality warping powers. 🤷🏼‍♂️

DEADPOOL/Wade Wilson. I’m putting him here because he never dies and he’s gonna be immortal. Also? Boogers.

DARWIN/Armando Muñoz. If you’re entire mutation is to survive then that is some omega level shit.

Luna Maximoff. Like her aunt, Luna is actually quiet extraordinary. She can see inside you, see you aura, know what your thinking, what you’re feeling, but also, she can manipulate those emotions too. I think she has the potential to become omega.

APOCALYPSE/En Sabah Nur. Are you ready for this list because it’s long? Okay, even I am that lazy that I don’t wanna type everything out. Can I just say that he can do anything by now? Fair enough? Okay.

Valeria Richards. Like her brother, I think that Valeria can go omega. We all know that Valeria has superpowers, but we don’t know to the extent and therefore, I think she can go big.

CHAMBER/Jonothon “Jono” Starsmore. I’ve always said that Jono can be omega and that was before I found out he’s ancestor is Apocalypse! If we go down to the right basics of his powers, it seems just like Proteus, Jono is just energy when it comes down to it.

SELENE. Anyone who remembers the 80s and 90s comics remembers Selene. She was the most powerful mutant around. I would still put her up there. I always felt she could do anything (I’m convinced she actually can).

SHADOWCAT/Kitty Pryde. Okay, I know this one might surprise people, but I am banking on a second mutation to make her all the more powerful. Look, the fact that what Kitty can do now is actually quite amazing, furthermore, she survived being trapped in a bullet without water/food. (We all know that most people can live without eating if you have sufficient fat/muscle stored, but water is something you definitely need!) Essentially, being able to phase through objects means that, from a molecular perspective, you could eventually either go invisible or completely disperse yourself…which would take multitasking to a new level. I’m not exactly the first to consider her powers from a scientific standpoint, check out James Kakalios’ find!

WITHER/Kevin Ford. …death and decay just being around that guy.

Hellion/Julian Keller. Another super powerful telekinetic. A mutant who is really taking it to the next level.

ROGUE/Anna Marie. Rogue was able to fly and have super strength for the longest time after absorbing Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) powers. (Okay, despite the mental anguish caused by this) — if she absorbs all others, I suspect she can get pretty powerful.

CABLE/Nathaniel Summers. Okay, this is a no brainer. I put him here because of all the others.

DEAD GIRL/Moonbeam. Why is this included? Because she’s dead…but living dead. How do you kill something which is already dead?

And that concludes my list. I feel like I would go on forever though, as I’m sure I haven’t thought about more. Feel free to comment with your suggestions too.

When I was writing this out, I also realized something, an unhealthy and unbalanced ratio of male/female omega mutants and that is this: it would also be super cool to have more powerful female omega level mutants that weren’t mentally unstable either. As I wrote it all down, I came to the conclusion that all the female omega level mutants were fragile, sensitive things, and that it was ‘too much’ on them (a burden) whilst the men were always powerful, taking charge, and leading.  The guys might’ve been nuts in a dictatorship kind of way, but they were never fragile, Damsel in distress kind of thing. I look at Scarlet Witch, Rachel Summers, Jean Grey, all these women, and it’s always that ‘if they use their powers it becomes a super burdensome’ and that’s not exactly fair writing. I guess this shows how much male writers are afraid of powerful, confident women who can take charge and kick ass. I mean, besides Legion, I would love to see more men grappling with their abilities too, and more women being a bit more like Spider-Man (i.e., “With great power comes great responsibility”). Allow more male characters to struggle with their powers too, to be sensitive about it, this might actually help a lot of male readers understand that everyone has stress and it’s how you deal with it (in a healthy manner) that makes you stand out.

I realize this article wasn’t going to be a lecture, but it’s exhausting when female representation is a damsel-in-distress whilst a male representation is ‘I don’t feel pain because I’m a man!” bullshit. It’s unhealthy to both genders. Guys can be sensitive and fragile, guys can stress and feel burdensome too. Women can be strong, confident, and leaders. Give us variety.


An addition to the previous.

As before, I wrote what I would like to see in Animal Crossing, including new characters/villagers. I compiled a list, here goes:

Animals I’d like to see:


Puffins (which would be build up similarly to penguins)

Flamingos/Swans/Goose/Vultures (which would be build up similarly to peacocks. Choice of making them have shirts or scarfs like sheep villagers)

Crows/Ravens/Parrots/Macaws (which would be build up similarly to eagles)

Roadrunners (which would be build up as small birds)

More Owls and Turkeys.



Bats (They’re arms/wings are together. I’m including flying fox bats as well in this.)


Tasmanian Devils (they may look like bears, but they would have longer tails and all of them would be short.)


Numbat (a type of anteater.)



Red Pandas

Weasel/Ermine/Pine Marten/Ferret


Opossums (Again, maybe they would wear article of clothing like sheep villagers, as scarfs)

More Moles (I cannot accept that Resetti is the only one)

More Skunks

More Beavers

More Otters


Snakes (a variety of snakes)



More Axolotl



Musk Ox/Yak



Mountain Goat

More Moose/Elk

More Reindeer/Caribou



Hyena (both striped and spotted)

More Rhinos


More Giraffes


Japanese Macaque (Snow Mountain Monkeys)

Coyote/Maned Wolf



Polar Bears/Pandas

More Warthog/boar

More Alpaca/Llamas

More Camels

More Tapirs

More Walrus




Griffin (wings would be on the back, their arms would be another talons)


Western Dragons (again, wings on back).

Also, I don’t see why we can’t just give them the ability to wear shoes. I mean, all villagers.


What I would like to see in Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch

So, now that the big announcements have been made for E3 2018, we know what’s to come. A lot of Animal Crossing fans are still left in the dark for a new game, so, I’ve decided to write down everything I would love to see in a new, very ambitious Animal Crossing game. Feel free to comment about what you’d like to see.


Firstly, Rather than going small, let’s go big. Let’s create a big country or a big county. So you would have a few cities and villages, a whole lot of rural parts, the country side, the forest, and a mounted area. We’ll also have the standard rivers, ponds, and sea. Although I would love it if they added: lakes, bogs, marshes, swamps! We would still have an island (or even a few) to see former Mayor Tortimer!

There would be extra things to do in lakes, marshes, and swamps, including boats that you can take, either just for a stroll or to fish. You can fish with villagers too.

We would have farmers in rural parts, and we would have some quaint, cute villages. Along the country roads and busy highways we would have little gas stations, or rest stops. An Inn with a restaurant would be so cool!

In the forest, depending on the season, you can go and collect wild fruit or mushrooms. It would include berries as well (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, you name it!)
Hell, there should even be a vineyard! Which is where you’ll get your grapes (and grape juice—I understand this is a kid’s game so we don’t have to reference wine!)
Okay, let’s say there’s a vineyard and an orchid where they just make juices. (More on this further down)

The farms would also have seasonal fruit/veg on sale; imagine getting your cranberries in autumn…or even going to a pumpkin patch!! Jack should be there!

Oh, and on Hallowe’en, you should be able to buy a costume and go trick or treating door to door (along with other villagers). On Christmas, you’ll have carolers knocking on your door and you can invite people to eat a big meal with (and share presents). New Years Eve, we gather in the town centre for celebrations, so on.

Okay, another thing about farmers, they will have markets that sell seasonal veg/fruit, but also actual food, such as eggs and dairy, flour too. We don’t have to see chickens/cows as I know those are beings in AC*, but it would be cool if farmers sold that kind of food stuff too. You can cook at home for yourself or guests!

*Actually, we should have farm animals, because we catch frogs in ponds anyways.

You’ll be able to take pictures at all times too, you have the option of taking a selfie or a picture of your friends (villagers). In the rural parts, there should also be a few nice rivers and bridges along with it. Where you can go fishing or hang out with locals. I always imagine Kapp’n living near by, and just hanging out on a bridge, fishing in his spare time. I’ll bring a cucumber.

Things you can do with villagers should be greater too; in cities and villages, you can go out on a date with them, or go to a bar (for obvious reasons, we’d be drinking soda, not beer!) I would so love to go on a date with Beau or Punchy! Maybe go to the cinema, or an arcade! (Also, the arcade games should actually be playable!).
There should be tons of activities to do with your villagers such as bowling, hide and seek (in villages or farms), play darts, any sport (not professional, I will get into this more), scuba diving, fishing, bug catching, sightseeing, and yes, going out for a meal! House parties too, not just on birthdays!

In the city, we will have a harbour, with cargo/containers coming in on a weekly/daily basis (Let’s say Mr. Nook is in charge), but also, we will have ships that will take us to our friends’ place or other players. The trains will only take us around our county/country. There will also be designated beaches and water sport areas (they will become ice sports in the winter). Water sports can be surfing (hey Bud!), water-kite surfing, building sand castles on the beach. Winter sports can be a small game of ice hockey or curling, maybe even just skating, building a snowman on the beach, (or a fort and snowball fight), or even ice fishing on the sea!

Okay, so I want a lot of sports, and here’s what I purpose:
Seasonal sports teams which is taken up by your villagers. So when it’s October, it’s ice hockey season (and you get to name your teams!!! Obviously, it will be appropriate names). Villagers from your city/village will make up the teams and you can go and see them play against other players’ teams!! How cool would that be?
April? Baseball and Basketball team! Summer? Tennis and soccer!! They can even have little tournaments! That would be so cute!
I’d love to see an Animal Crossing Olympics!

The teams will go up against other people’s teams that don’t have the same villagers/players, so it looks like the real thing. All of this would be randomly generated (as in, you don’t get to decide who is on your team. It could be some jock types, some snob types, some lazy types…I mean, imagine Alfonso playing anything?!)
Also, the coach will be randomly chosen too. The city/town owns the team though.

Remember the aliens that visit your TV set at late hours? What if we got to meet them? On top of a mountain! Wouldn’t that be cool? We would go up there at a ridiculous late hour (we can camp near the forest/mountains) and when we’re greeted by them they would give you some special furniture.

Also in the forest/mountains, we would have a variety of flowers and trees. I wanna see a proper variety here! In spring, I would love to pick spruce tips and make a syrup from it (or make maple syrup! How cool would that be!?)
There would be a variety of wild flowers too, not just Jacob’s Ladder or dandelions. I wanna see some buttercups, foxgloves, wisteria trees, golden chain trees, blossoming cherry trees, lilacs, birch, oak, (an introduction to growing nut trees would be cool too, such as pistachio, walnut, almond, etc), wild pansies, crocus, wild poppies, thistles, cornflowers, daisies, camomile, and so on. All of them would be seasonal too. We’d have a return of bushes too.
Planting store bought flowers can still be an option along your home and parks. Not in forests/farmers lands or country/rural land.
I would like to see more choices for planting store bought flowers too, so you’d have lilies, roses, and pansies. Why not add carnations, Irises, fern (which can be grown wildly too), peonies, orchids, and so on.

An introduction to more fruit, vegetables, and other food based plants would be nice too. As mentioned before, a variety of berries, and nut trees are a must, along with apricots, watermelon (and other melon), lime, chilies, coffee arabica plants, pineapple plants, cranberries, sunflowers (for seed). Along with vegetables; potato (sweet variety too), carrots, aubergine, onions (spring, leeks, red), cabbage (also a variety), kale, broccoli, pumpkin, squash, peas, beans, tomatoes, and so on.

Coffee arabica should be grown on top, or near the mountains, for example. Basically, there will be a variety of farmers who will do different things and have different land for growing a variety of crop. A farmer near the mountains who grows coffee beans and other plants that need that kind of regulation, a farmer who has an orchid/vineyard, a farmer who grows crops, a farmer who grows wheat/grains for flour, a chicken/dairy farmer, and so on. Although there would be one single farmer’s market. Perhaps in a nearby village that works closely with all the farmers.

Also, why not grow tea as well? Everyone drinks it!

Okay, let’s talk capital city planning. There would be the government buildings (mayor building—which would be in villages too), then a parliament/senate building which Isabella and other villages will go to work. Isabella is still the one that gets everything done. She can be president, and us, vice. Either way, it would still work the same where we would talk to Isabella about what we would like to see in the county/country and cities/towns.
The capital will have two educational buildings; elementary/high school, and university. Villages can choose to have a university as well, but all cities/towns will have at least an elementary/high school combo building. Villages/towns will have a walk in clinic but the big city will have a big hospital.

The city will also have a variety of offices/big business such as:
Newspaper/media outlet, Nook’s big emporium (it will be a massive department store/supermarket), Leif’s garden store (he will have another one near villages that are close to farmers. Not only can you buy flowers to pot, but fruit/trees/vegetables, and so on), plenty of bars/restaurants (a variety of them, that serve different foods/purposes. There could be fast food chains, cafes (Brewster!), and casual or very fancy high-end restaurants. Bars can be sports bars, or pubs (Villages would be ideal for pubs), and so on.
You get to choose which kind you want, up to 10 restaurants/bars. I’d love to have a 1950s still Americana diner, both in the city and village.

We would have art offices (graphic design), farmer/camping needs, hair salon, night club (not only for DJing, I’d like to see Dr. Shrunk do bad comedy. Bands too! Made up of villagers!), dream and fortune telling booths should be back too.
Book stores (or a library), a 24hr convenient store, clothing shops (Again, something cheap or high end; Gracie’s store for example), hardware store for your DIY needs*, and Redd’s back with an ‘art shop’ which you can still donate to the local museum or keep for yourself. Yes, Blathers and co. are back. The museum should also feature a cafe and gift store inside. You can find the fossils around the rural/village part.

The museum will work with the observatory but the observatory will be in a more rural part (outside the city). for obvious reasons.

*The DIY store is where you would buy shovels, watering can, axe, fishing gear, and where you can talk to someone about expanding your home.
Fishing gear — should be expanded. You’ll have a standard fishing rod, you can get one for fly fishing and also pick bait for fish! (along with special clothing gear if you wanna go fly fishing!)

Also in the major city would be a suburb where all the villagers live, some will live in houses, others in apartment blocks, lofts, condos, or town houses. You can choose which you’d like to live in too. You can take the metro or bus to get to the suburbs. In the suburbs, we will have schools (along with student accommodation buildings), and parks. I would also love to see villagers walking whatever ridiculous pet they come up with (Lobster? Frog? Pet goldfish?)

All homes would look different (exterior wise). Some villagers would have nice big grand houses, others will have a nice cosy small one, and so on. I’d like to see variety.

In the downtown core, with business and offices, there should also be one street dedicated to a market. The market is not only local items from your county/country, but also from other players online. So if you need bananas, or durian fruit, you will be able to find it there. Finding all the fruit from New Leaf was rather annoying if you didn’t have many friends playing AC anyways, hopefully with something like this, it’ll be a lot faster and easier. There will be a max cap of prices set to stop troll players jacking up the prices to something ridiculous.

Lastly, obviously, there should be a hotel. Both cheap and trendy. Villagers from other player’s towns/cities can come and visit you, but also other players too.
Players that visit you (even your friends) cannot wreck havoc on your country/county which sometimes was a problem with troll players.

Outside the downtown core and suburbia area will be an industrious area where the container port (industrial harbour)* and other factories will be. Most factories will be making food, clothing or furniture items.
Food factories will make ‘snacks’ such as popcorn, ice cream/ice lollies, candy, chocolate, cakes, pizza, and so on.
*Ships for cruises would come at a different dock/port near the downtown core.

There would be an option to add an airport, the airport would do a similar thing such as ships/cruises and fly to a far away player’s country/county to visit.

All roads leading to the rural parts/other villages are cycle friendly and you can even buy a bicycle (or other type of cycle) and customise it in a designated bike shop. Of course, there would be cars to buy too.

Villages will be smaller, much like how your town is in New Leaf, so you will only have a handful of things. There will still be a main street, but not as big as the big city. Along with everything else I suggested (an Inn/hotel, a pub, education buildings and a walk in clinic). Local villages will also have their own unique holidays (just like in real life), and maybe some unique temples/churches for sightseeing.

Getting money will be the same way, you can still collect insects/fish/fossils to sell at the Recycling store, but you can also do jobs for farmers, industry, offices, or even labour intense work like lumberjack or stone mason (or even construction). You can choose what you’d like to do. Villagers can also request help/work, such as mowing the lawn or picking something up. Leif can also ask you to do some dirty green work for local parks/stadiums.

I’d also like to see some of the villagers dating. They seem so lonely on their own so it would be nice to have some households where they live together (besides Reese and Cy). Also, all characters would have a physical place to live. Isabella would go home after work and wouldn’t work on the weekends. Some villagers would have weekends off, some will work on weekends. They have proper work shifts!

Mobile phone company/towers. You can actually call villagers now and hit them up.  Would be cool to have a TV tower where you can go up and take a picture of the city landscape, also, it depends on what direction you’re facing. So you can have a picture of the sea, of the city, or the country. Banks/post officer exist too and you can save your money, and interest rate should be faster/higher. You can also buy stocks.

There are police in every town/village. Copper and Booker are now in charge of all police force in the county/country, and villagers make up the police work force. There is a lost and found for every village/city.

There should also be a lot of summer and winter events. In the summer, they can have outside cinemas, for example. There should be a designated stadium for big events (such as sports teams), but also just a big stage for theatre/kabuki, it can be turned into an ice skating ring in the winter. Just something for locals to do. Maybe some big music events, or the carnival will be in town!

Also, some cross over events with other big hit Nintendo games would be fun, such as Pokemon, Mario, Splatoon (maybe a turf war game with villagers), Zelda, and so on. Either way, you’d never get bored of your life in Animal Crossing. Another one would be a Mario style go-kart racing with villagers.

Islands will still have those big exotic bugs/large fish to catch, but it’ll also have a main resort where villagers come to go on holiday from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The resort will be a little bit far off from bug/fish collecting as the villagers are there to relax!
There should be a few islands, all of them offer something differently but all of them should be scenic as a tourist attraction. Perhaps one will have a large cliff and waterfall, another might have some ancient temple/church or other statue, and so on. All of these scenic places change seasonally too, and there should be some villagers living there too.

Seeing as it’s far bigger than New Leaf, I think the village population (not including NPCs) should be as much as 100 (minimum 80), to 130. This is covering all the land.
There are 333 characters so far, and therefore, the developers would have to create more just for this game too (including new NPC). I think it’s doable.

I’d love to see a street punk who looks suspiciously like Pizza Rat (or, by the time of writing, crazy tower climbing Raccoon). Superheroes should also be a thing because every time I see Bruce, I think ‘Batman’. Deerman? Kid Cat and his crew would have something to do (that rhymed, so you know it’s true!)

Either way, AC should get a few more new characters, maybe use some animals they haven’t done yet. How about some parrots? Rats? Raccoons (besides the Nook family)? Foxes (besides Redd)? Platypus? Coyotes?Puffins? Bats? You can go crazy with this, really. We don’t even have to stick with real animals, we could do mythical creatures too (there are kappas and dragons in the game) – why not a griffon, western dragons, or unicorns. Extinct animals can be mammoths or Tasmanian Tigers (actually, would love to see some Tasmanian Devils…all grumpy villagers)?
I would also like to see a little bit more diversity in the game, often the villagers are very Westernise/Europeanise or Japanese inspired. It would be nice to have villagers with Korean names, or Iranian, or Nigerian, etc.

Some of the Unicorns can have traditional Scottish names (see coat of arms to get reference), or a very Estonian lynx named Kalev, working at a bar or always camping. There’s a lot you can do with this. New characters can come as a couple too (so sets of characters). I compiled a list here of animals I’d love to see.

Yes, your amiibo cards should work too (when inviting a villager).

Lastly, you get to name all cities/towns (and the county/country), plus sports teams (and design logo for sports teams), the big international market, plus street names (or highways); provided that they’re all suitable names.

One more thing to clear up; there will also be a designated area for scuba diving and fishing in the sea, maybe it’ll be more near the rural/country side of land rather than where the city is. That, and the markets will sell fish too, as that’s considered food too.

As I said, it’s very ambitious, but it’s doable.